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"P e r f e c t  !"

-Elizabeth from San Antonio, Texas


"I've been struggling for a good place to place my belongings when I run; especially races. The wrist locker is the answer! Fits nicely and holds exactly what it needs to; ID, credit card, a $20 and my car key. Love it."

-Alyssa from Champaign, Illinois


"Product is worth 5/5 stars."

-Corvallis, Oregon


"Cool sporty looking band. Does what is say; Can hold credit cards, IDs, a key. Cannot hold a huge stack of keys, or huge wad of cash if that is what you are looking for. I thought the size would be kinda big, but i was perfect size."

-Azamat from Concord, California


"Nicely made, comfortable to wear!"

-Fiona from Richmond, Australia 


"I am very happy with this wrist wallet! It is very well made and I am keen to use this summer during camping trips and hiking."

-Jen from Kelowna, Canada


" 5/5 Stars!"

-Katie from Homer Glen, Illinois


"Can't wait to use this on my trip to California! Fits great and holds all my items perfectly, came with a nice hand written thank you letter from Kat the CEO & Founder! Thank you! "

-Allison from Homer Glen, Illinois


"What fantastic and quality products. I will be purchasing again!"

-Brenda from Grand Rapids, Michigan


"The PERFECT gift for anyone!"

-Maria from Wyoming, Michigan


"I now don't have an excuse not to workout! I love having my valuables on me at all times. Even got my sister a Wrist Locker as a gift, and she loves it just as much as I do."

-Lisa from Grandville, Michigan