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As an active student-athlete I was sick of bringing my entire wallet to the gym when all I needed was my ID, my phone and my room key. But lockers didn't lock, cubbies were open for anyone to steal belongings and I didn’t want to leave my valuables lying around. So, I designed the Wrist Locker™. With it, you can stash cash, keys, IDs, phone, lip balm - anything you need. Going for a run, a bike run, to a gym, an amusement park or a rock concert - wear your Wrist Locker™ to keep valuables safe (and to wipe your sweat when you need to!)
- Kat Samardzija, CEO


A Wrist Locker™ - Wrist Wallet is meant to fit snugly, so your belongings do not shift when you move.


      • Fits an average female or male wrist
      • Holds: iPhone 5s or smaller


        • Ideal for 7.5-8" wrists
        • Can hold an iPhone 7+, any size Android or smaller (with a thin case on)

        CARE + FABRIC

        All color options are machine-washable, high-performance, & dry-wicking. 


        The Wrist Locker™ - Wrist Wallet is perfect for running, travel, concerts, festivals, fitness, tailgates, walking the dog & MORE!

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