Running Headbands with a pocket - the new gym cubby

running headbands

Running Headbands
...the new fanny pack. How? Why??

We were tired of carrying the small necessities we needed around our waist, so we designed a headband that works just as hard but is not as bulky. Whether you are running an errand or a race, you always need the essentials like your ID, cash, keys, or even lip balm. Our Head Locker™ allows you to stash your stuff in the secret pocket secured by Velcro.

You should focus on your workout or the run ahead of you which is why running headbands are your perfect pocket partner. The pocket is worn at the base of your head so no one can see it and you can’t even feel the items stored in the band.

OH...and thinking of changing your hairstyle...wrap the pocket headband around your wrist as a wallet. We call that a two for one.

Let’s talk sweat. We know the best kind of workout involves major sweat, and we know it’s not always pretty. Your hair can’t seem to stand your own head - so lord look out for those flyaways. Our running headbands are DOUBLE-LAYER to keep your hair tame and the sweat out of your eyes.

Although, the number one issue we hear is all about the fit.

“My head is too big.”

“All headbands slide off my head.”

“I get a headache from running headbands.”

“When I sweat it falls off.”

Worrying about what’s on your head takes away from what you’re trying to accomplish and it can add stress. Finding the motivation to push yourself in a workout or go the extra mile is hard enough. When looking for the best solution to store what you need, people spend hundreds of dollars testing out the “newest” fitness accessory.


Why not find the one reasonable product, under $20 that wicks sweat, stashes small valuables, and is machine-washable?

Answer: The Head Locker™ - Pocket Headband because our goal is to help you keep it simple.