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Neck gaiter with two pockets
Neck gaiter comes with 3 kn-95 filters
Neck gaiter with filter pocket
Girl wearing neck gaiter
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Guard Locker™ - Neck Gaiter (filters included)

Guard Locker™ - Neck Gaiter (filters included)

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Our patent-pending Guard Locker™ - Neck Gaiter has 2 pockets. Use the cinch cord to customize the fit - one size fits all adults & children over 12.

  • Front Pocket: Fit a mask or filter to protect against breathing in harmful particles or the cold. 
  • Side Pocket: Stash keys, ID, or extra mask in the side zipper.
  • Uses: Shop, travel, bike, ski & more! 
  • Fabric: Machine-washable & dry-wicking.
  • Materials: 77% Polyester + 23% Elastane
  • 4 PCS: 1 Guard Locker + (3) 2.5 Particulate Matter, 5 Layer Carbon Filters


The filters block out 2.5 particulate matter, which is the same particle size that a K N - 9 5 protects against. The filter has one carbon layer sandwiched between spun-bond fabric. They are meant to effectively last 24 consecutive hours which tends to last most people 4-7 days.

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