Our Story

It all started in February of 2016...Our founder, Kat, being a very active student-athlete, decided she was sick of bringing her entire wallet to the gym when all she needed was her student ID to get in/out. Lockers didn't lock, cubbies were open for anyone to steal belongings, and she didn't need everything she always ended up bringing!

After countless hours of searching for the perfect product with no success, she decided to do something about it, especially since running belts are bulky, unfashionable, and restricting.

Fortunately Kat's "Momager" had a successful bridal store with a very talented seamstress. Kat drew up the designs, specifics, and worked with her to see if what she was thinking up was even possible. After many revisions, her very first product, the Wrist Locker™, was born! 

Whenever she wore the test market prototype, everyone around her would ask where they could get one. She then realized she was not the only person with this problem. After countless hours of tweaking and trials, Kat learned how to sew for herself. 

Locker Lifestyle® started small, selling on Etsy, at local festivals, and gyms. Before she knew it, even while attending college and playing tennis on scholarship, Kat sold hundreds of Wrist Lockers™, and placed FIRST in 7/7 entrepreneurship competitions she entered. She then changed her major from Nursing to Entrepreneurship.



We want you to be ready for anything.
Bring the basics so you can live excuse-free. 
We're on a mission to help lovers of fitness, travel, and concerts enjoy their active life without having to worry about the essentials when on-the-go. 
Locker Lifestyle wearable pocket fitness bands, as featured on The Grommet